Saturday, 23 March 2013

Weekend Wishlist

1. Jacket - Topshop
2. Sunglasses - Topshop
3. Dress - Oasis
4. Necklace - Asos
5. Lipstick -Topshop
6. - Shoes - Asos

1. I love this jacket! I love the cut of it and the colour of it! Lime green is definitely a colour I look forward to wearing this summer, although it will probably look better on sun kissed skin as opposed to the off white shade that currently covers my body. I also like the fact that literally anyone of any age can wear this jacket! I could picture both my mum and grandma wearing this jacket so it can be viewed as an investment piece right? I like jackets but I think that’s because I’ve had a long and overdue love affair with blazers – something my boyfriend doesn’t approve of as he hates them!

3. Can anyone resist a classic cut and monochrome striped dress? I can’t! Personally I don’t think Oasis get enough recognition as a shop! I love them but most of my friends have never bought anything from them…crazy I know! Oasis also have brilliant sales which is a definite thumbs up from me! This dress is super versatile as it could be worn with both wedges and flats and worn both day and night. The monochrome makes it easy to team things with it so you’ll never be stuck with what shoes or accessories to wear…although I’d perhaps steer clear of brown…

4.Normally I’m not one for costume jewellery, I’m the type of person that just puts a necklace on and never takes it off so costume jewellery doesn’t really have this facility. Never the less I think this necklace would look great with this dress/ jacket combo! I love this turquoise blue as it’s just so summery!!

5.I always think pink and lime green go well together so I thought this shade would be perfect to team with this outfit. This pink lipstick doesn't look too overpowering either so it's the perfect shade for during the day.

6.How comfy do these shoes look…very! They add just enough height to elongate the legs and black goes with everything so what’s not to love? They’re perhaps a little bulkier to what I’d normally go for but I’ve been on a mission to find a pair of black flatforms since the ones I got from office broke on their first outing! These aren’t flatforms but I can kinda see some resemblance.

Friday, 22 March 2013

'I’m so in love with you, make love your goal'

This has been what I would call one of my busier weeks! As usually my weeks are slightly on the boring side of life. Last Friday me and my friend Katy went to see Gabrielle Aplin At Plug in Sheffield. I hadn't really listened to much by Gabrielle so I wasn't too sure what to expect. If you’re completely clueless as to who she is she sang ‘The Power of Love’ from the Christmas John Lewis Advert!
We paid only £10 so we didn't expect there to be a support act…when in fact there was two!! Andreas Moe- Swedish singer songwriter- was the second support act and he was brilliant! And rather pleasant on the eye too! Gabrielle didn’t disappoint either! Most of the songs I didn’t know but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable! She had such a lovely voice and seemed such a nice girl….I sound like my mum but she actually seemed really nice..the kind of girl you would love to be friends with! I expect we will see big things from Gabielle Aplin in the future and she 100% deserves it! If you get the chance to see her live or are planning on seeing her live you will not be disappointed!

Has anyone else been to see Gabrielle Aplin?

On Saturday we went to London to the Ideal Home Exhibition…perhaps some peoples idea of hell but it was great! It was great just spending time together as a family as it’s a rarity at the moment as both me and my sister are away at uni and dad works away. We stayed overnight and went for tea at TheBridge House in Little Venice which was a stones throw away from our hotel, I had a pork and chorizo burger (obviously)  and it was super yummy! I would definitely visit again as it had such a great trendy pub atmosphere, even though the table behind us were a little rowdy. On Sunday we took a tube ride to Covent Garden before hopping on the tube back to kings cross and returning home! I love London and it was such a great weekend away..although the weather was grim! See you soon London!

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I’ve been home from uni this week so it was a great chance to spend as much time as possible with my boyfriend! Being at uni sucks as we used to see each other most days when I was at home but work commitments often interfere which means we don’t normally get to see each other as much as we would like.
I think that’s enough from me!

I hope you have all had a brilliant week and have exciting plans for the weekend! 


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Weekend Wishlist

1. Ring - Dogeared
2. Shoes -Office
3. Bag -Mulberry
4. Dress- Topshop

This is my first attempt at making a wishlist having tried and failed the other week, i hope this looks a little better - personally i think its a vast improvement! the images before just looked wrong! all blury and horrid *sigh*

1. This lovely little ring from Dogeared is so dainty and pretty! I used to hate rings but since being bought a pandora ring from jordan just before I went to uni they've barely left my finger! i love how delicate this looks so i don't risk my fingers looking like undercooked one wants sausage flatmate often says she's off to the finger gym! and does funny little finger exercises ha! I find it funny but i bet anyone reading this will be like whhhhhaaattttt *confused face* 

2. I find it hard not to fall in love with these shoes! Office have once again done me proud! I feel these could be a strong contender when it comes to my summer shoes, i just kind of wish they did them in white too! I don't know if any one can remember but last year topshop bought out a pair of white ones similar to these...sadly i missed that train..not literal train obv! The nude colour of these shoes will go with virtually everything and if i  was to be reincarnated as a shoe i think this would perhaps be it.

3. This is perhaps the joke element to this wishlist as I am very aware that i will never purchase this! However if i had the funds (ie if i at least had a job) I would be running there now! The mint green colour is perhaps one of my favourite summer time colours, i think it could be because i like mint choc chip ice cream ...and just the colour green in general! Its a perfect size too and with a scalloped edge, whats not to love!

4. I've been eyeing up the top version to this dress recently in my local topshop and i simply love the print! I always think that a dress is such a better buy as its a full outfit! as you don't have to faf around and worry about what to wear with *said top* This dress is ultra versatile as I could wear this dress both on a night out or as a day dress! i'm not sure what i think to the cut out detail...normally it would be a no go but i just love this dress! 

Today me and Jordan went into town to buy some little bits for mothers day! We ended up having fish at chips at House Of Fraser cafe! it was so so yummy! 

Has everyone had a good week/weekend?

Finally HAPPY MOTHERS DAY...(for tomorrow)


Thursday, 28 February 2013

Recipe | Mug Brownies

I haven't blogged in some time, this makes me sad but its simply because nothing remotely interesting has happened :( I’ve not been anywhere exciting or bought anything that I just needed to share with you (in fact I've not bought anything in weeks!)
My flatmate and I have however discovered mug brownies! If you haven’t tried them you really should as they’re so quick and easy to make and require nothing that you won’t already have in the cupboard. The recipe is as follows;
2 table spoons of butter
2 table spoons of water
4 table spoons of sugar
4 table spoons of flour
2ish tables spoons of coco (or hot chocolate)

Melt the butter in the microwave.
Once melted add the water
Add all the other ingredients
Stir until all are combined
Pop in the mircrowave for about 90 seconds!

Sadly I have no pictures on how to make these because they’re normally just a last minute treat! 

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

What are your plans for this week? 


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Our Trip to Budapest!

Last Saturday me and Jordan flew to Budapest! As I mentioned in my post about visiting Budapest it was a city I had always wanted to visit although Jordan was never convinced as he said Europe is “ boring” shocking I know!
We arrived late at night and the hotel was lovely and in a pretty good location right next to the train station which we kept gasping at every day (the McDonalds next to it is perhaps the prettiest McDonalds I have ever seen!). As we arrived fairly late at night we decided to aimlessly wonder the street to try and plan our route for the following day! Whilst stopping at burger king. How British of us?

Day 1: the weather was horrible! Cold and snowing but not the lovely fluffy white stuff it was wet and didn’t settle! The bad weather ruined the day as it made walking around not enjoyable and the fog made photographs even more poor *cry* that night it had stopped raining and we decided to go for a meal, we chose a lovely Italian place after searching many empty streets! The food was good and it wasn’t too overpriced just similar to English prices for a homemade pizza.

Day 2: thankfully the weather had brightened up and this made exploring all the more enjoyable! Although still incredibly cold with 5 layers on!! (1. Vest top 2.blouse 3.cardigan 4.jumper  5.coat…it makes it a struggle to look nice so I thought style could take a back seat for the trip) We decided to tackle the Hungarian version of the tube…with Jordan’s help we managed to actually get where er wanted..something that never would have happened if I had been put in charge of navigating! We went to the castle quarter and this is the part where both of us fell even more in love with Budapest! It was beautiful and it gave an impressive view of the parliament building! We went to a little cafĂ© where we tried goulash soup! Although I’m not usually a soup fan (my idea of adventurous is tomato soup) it was delicious and definitely warmed us up! So if in Budapest goulash is a must! Even if the name if it does put you off!

Day three: Today we flew back to Stansted and I didn’t want to leave! We had a few hours to kill before we had to go to the airport so we have breakfast at a place called Menza! It was lovely and was cheap! 2 bacon and eggs, two teas and some toast for a little over £6!! One thing Hungarians don’t quite grasp is a good English cuppa so when Jordan order a breakfast tea he expect a decent brew don’t earl grey with honey and lemon.

I would definitely recommend Budapest as it is such a beautiful city! I would love to visit again in the summer! Ryanair have some brilliant deals on flights at the moment so it’s worth a look!

I would love to know if you have ever visited Budapest and if you felt the same way as me about the city.

Hope everyone has a great week and sorry for the posting delay.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Real Techniques Brushes | Core Collection

I feel as though I haven’t blogged in ages!! I’ve just been fairly busy these last few days. It was my birthday on Sunday so thank you to anyone who said it to me in either facebook or twitter! I’m not into posting about everything I received but I did receive these brushes that I had wanted for a while but I always though £20 was quite expensive so when Jordan bought me them I was really pleased having read such great reviews. I decided to choose the Core Collection as I don’t wear eyeshadow so I thought the other one would perhaps be a bit of a waste of money! I think the brush I’ll use the most is the ‘Contour Brush’ I’ll use it as a blusher brush-if you read my post on the British public not wearing enough blusher you’ll understand why my contour brush will be getting lots and lots of use- the whole collection seems like great quality and the brushes are super soft, I’ve also read many reviews expressing how durable they are and how few bristles they shed! Brilliant!
The brushes come in a handy little carry-case/stand which is actually quite good and would be useful for travelling, i’ll probably aim to use the provided carry case but after a week or so they’ll have found themselves nestled in my make up bag!

Although some may think this collection is abit expensive in reality it isn’t as you get 4 brushes for just over £20 (depending on where you purchase them from) I’m sorry this review isn’t very in depth but I haven’t tried them out fully yet but so far I’m most impressed!!

Which are your favourite Real Techniques brushes?

Just a quick bit about my birthday! I didn’t do anything really…nothing crazy or adventurous..i came come from university on Friday night so I spent as much time as possible with Jordan as we don’t get to see each other that much :(! It was really nice to spend time with him as I’d be lying if I said we had the perfect relationship but hopefully we’re back on track and Budapest is just under a week away!! 

Here are a few picture of us when we took Oscar for a walk…I tried to take a few pictures of Oscar but he wouldn’t pose! I’m not photogenic in the slightest and don’t really like having my picture taken unless I feel ‘nice’ the awkwardness explains it all! 

I’m currently hunting for a new job! My new timetable means I’m only in uni 2 days a week so I have plenty of time for a job! I just love earning my own money..but then I’m sure that’s what everyone's likes.

How was everyone's weekend? 


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Who said romance was dead?

Just a quick little post to inform you on whats been happening all week!! MY BOYFRIEND BOOKED FOR US TO GO TO BUDAPEST!! by the heavy use of the capital letters I'm hoping to express my excitement as I've wanted to visit for a few years now! I think it just looks brilliant especially with all the impressive architecture and in pictures it appears to have a somewhat Parisian feel to it! so yes I'm very very excited! it was meant to be a surprise but he told me...but who likes surprises anyway? that was his answer! we go in only a matter of weeks the 2nd February to be precise so not long at all! This week I've been revising for my valuation exam which is later on today :( I'm feeling slightly sick about it all so as a not so good student i thought a quick blog post would perhaps calm my nerves a little! I'm planning on going home on Friday which I'm really excited about as it's my birthday on Sunday and it'll be nice seeing family and Jordan as i missed his birthday yesterday :( this past year has flown incredibly quickly I'm struggling to keep up with it! I'll just leave with some beautiful pictures I found on weheartit and on pinterest (which I just joined a matter of minutes ago)

does anyone else think this looks like something from Harry Potter?

Has anyone else visited Budapest at this time of year? What would you recommend wearing whilst over there? Any recommendations on places to visit? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

I hope everyone has a brilliant week and if you have exams -like me- GOOD LUCK!!